Originally established in 2007, RV Clubs of Australia Limited, formerly known as MoTOURing Australia, aims to ensure the best legal and political representation can be achieved on behalf of its members.

The organisations that come together to form RVCAL potentially represent more than 750 ,000 recreational vehicles, that is roughly 1.3 million consumers, in a market that is increasingly growing. This figure embodies a substantial majority of our domestic RV tourist and the extended drive tourism market in Australia.


Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia Limited

National Association of Caravan Clubs

Australian Touring RV Club Inc

Australian Caravan Club

Board of Directors

  • Kim Templeton
  • Vince Calleja
  • Eleanor Scully
  • Rin Klasen
  • Wendy Abraham
  • Ken Newton

Representing an ever widening demographic, RVCAL is best positioned to represent the interests and opinions of Australia’s RV tourists to all levels of authority and industry organisations, to ensure the freedom of choice to stop overnight wherever we want, at a reasonable cost.

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